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Shoe Into The TV

~ Video Gallery ~

Into The Waterspouts

It Sure Wasn't Grape Nuts

Carrie's Coffee Shop Surprise



Dog ReadingFirst He Studied The Evidence

Butt & Johnson 

Fudge Takes Cake & Ice Cream

Add Five Years To His Sentence

Just A Flesh WoundThe Dark Knight

Last Call For This Guy

Last Call To 911

King Of The Instagram SelfiesVan Gogh Selfie

Brides' Cat Toss

Used Car

~ Marketplace ~

The $9,999 Outhouse...

...Sold To The Feds
After A Little Markup

Wake The F**k Up!

Available At Dick Smith Electronics

Unfortunate Food Names

Cheap, Fast & Easy

Cheap, Fast & Easy


Suggestive Bollards

Scratch & SniffHolding Her Nose

12 Firefighters,
3 Fire Engines,
Daring, Dramatic Rescue!



~ Gallery ~

Birmingham Rhapsody

No Reckless Falling

Interstellar Snowman

Epic Grinds

The Recipe Calls For Some Bacon


SasquatchThe Sasquatch Genome Project

FridgeRefrigerator Counterweight Method


Bladder BombBomb!

Super Domestic Dispute

A Beauty Pageant For Chickens? Yep.

Sexy Chicken
Plethora Of Pumpkins
Big Divider
Keith Knight- - The K ChroniclesKeith Knight Self- Cartoon

Bad Reporter


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