Wood Eye Lie?

~April 15, 2012~

"I owe the government $3,400 in taxes.
So I sent them two hammers and a toilet seat." - Michael McShane

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Dec. 15, 2011

Fungky, Adolf, Mick & Don

Kilt Plan- -  Kil't

Here Come The Sons

Dr. Seuss Vs. Shakespeare

* * * *

Not that Bacon!Bury Me In Bacon...

...With A Bacon Candle...

...And Some Baconnaise

Then I'll Wash It All Down With This

* * * *

Hamburglar #1

Hamburglar #2

* * *

Breastfeeding Burglar

A Chicken Joke For The 21st Century

Test tubesA Meth Lab... In A WalMart?

A Creative Drug Hanger

Kid Sedater: Sorry Parents, It's Not For Home Use

Taking Bribes For False Grain Tickets , Whatever Those Are

Willie Nelson: The I.R.S. Tapes

You Know What They Say About Taxes

Flying Away Money

A big bag of cashHave You Bribed Your Congressman Today?


Super Wallet !!Mighty Wallets!Another Super Wallet !!

Cupcake ATM

Student, Falconer, Crow Fighter

Keith, In A Little Black Dress And Handcuffs

Maybe He Was Just Trying To Watch The Game

Well All Right Then, Whose Name Is That Tattooed On Your Arm?

A Specific Ban On Shawnas

Don't Show This Mugshot To The Jury!



* * *

Uncle Sam Shakedown- - Happy Tax Day!

Chanting, Punching,   Leaving Hungry

Hunger Games Spoofs

Pie faceGreek Yogurt: It's Not  Just For Breakfast!

Mustache Brows

Save Money, Make Your Own Slime!!

* * *

Wearing A Sombrero & A Boxing Glove, Jumping   On A Police Car   

Jumping silhouette 

* *

Didn't Win The Lottery, But He Did Get Struck By Lightning

10,000 Or So Lightning Strikes In Albuquerque

Shotgun Rainbow

The Mangroomer

Robby the RobotRobot TwinRobbie's Twin

How To Get Tased, Guaranteed

How NOT To Meet Women